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JE0584568163 View DetailsOrder Date : 2014-05-19 01:58:14Was This Chat Help?(0)|(0)From : Vicki2014-05-30 06:36:43Subject : Missing or Wrong ProductsAdditional Information :Item : 5616HI,

I received my dress yesterday, however I am not happy with the product. I paid for the train to be taken off, JE1725914599. Looking at the picture of the actual dress and the drawing of a dress with no train, both dresses fall to the floor. The dress I have received stops at my ankles. As per your customisation, for which I paid extra it says you add 5cm to the dress to allow for heels. This has not been done. I am very short and I wear very high heals. The dress does not look right stopping at my ankles.

Having been very happy with my previous dresses I am now very disappointed.

I would be very grateful if a new dress could be made with the extra 5cm. I require the dress by the 9 of June so I know that there is not enough time to send the dress back and alterations made.

I really hope that you can help me.

Many thanks

Vicki KnottContact Information :Vickivicki.knott@sky.com07720705562From : Ryan Zhang2014-05-31 05:42:21Thank you for shopping with us.

We are very sorry to hear that our product does not meet your satisfaction.

To help us view the problems and offer you an effective solution, we highly suggest you provide us with detailed pictures of the problems you mentioned. With pictures as visual evidence, it will be helpful for us to strive for a top solution for you.

You may simply attach the pictures when you reply to this message. Just click the link at the bottom of this email first. Then click "Search" and upload the pictures. Please note that the picture should be a JPG file and not exceed 2MB.

If there is difficulty in uploading, you can simply send them to attachment@jenjenhouse.com and then inform us. We would appreciate your understanding and your cooperation.

Hope to hear from you soon.From : Vicki2014-05-31 08:40:46Hi,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Please find attached the photos I have taken of the dress. As per the photos/pictures on your website I would really like the dress to end 5cm further down or to the floor as per description.

Many thanks for you help.

Vicki KnottFrom : Vicki2014-05-31 08:42:05Hi,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Please find attached the photos I have taken of the dress. As per the photos/pictures on your website I would really like the dress to end 5cm further down or to the floor as per description.

Many thanks for you help.

Vicki KnottFrom : Ryan Zhang2014-06-01 06:09:18Thank you for your email.

Please kindly note that this is a sweep train on the dress and we indeed removed it as required.

From your pictures, we indeed find the dress is short for you. We have contacted our quality control department and get some pictures from them. According to the pictures from them, our dressmakers made the dress 54inch from hollow to hem, which you provided 51.97inch from hollow to floor. So we are sure our dressmaker made the dress correctly. Would you please measure the dress when you wear the dress?

For your case, we would like to provide 15% refund of the dress value as the compensation. The refund will be issued after we get the confirmation.

Hope to hear from you soon. Attachment1.JPGAttachment2.JPGFrom : Vicki2014-06-01 09:13:43I have sent a video to attachment@jenjenhouse.com

This show the dress has been made to 51.5 inches from hollow to hem. This is even smaller than the measurement that I gave in my order. This dress has not been made 54 inches from hem to hollow.

Please can you accept that an error has occurred whilst making my dress. I have sent you Pictures and a video clearly showing this.

I do not want 15% compensation. I want the dress that I have paid £129.09 plus £25.00 import tax for. 15% is of no use to me as I cannot buy a new dress with amount of money. I cannot wear this one as it is too short. Please make me a new dress and shipped to me by 9 June.

Again, please accept that Jenjenhouse have made an error and rectify it to keep me as a customer.

Many thanks

Vicki KnottFrom : Ryan Zhang2014-06-03 08:51:59Thank you for your email.

After checking your video and find the dress you measured is indeed about 51.5inch. But we notice that your hollow to neckline is only 2inch, which is 2 inch shorter than what in our picture. That's why the dress is short for you. To be honest, it is not our mistake to make the dress short. Please kindly note that different dress style and different body proportion will affect the fit of the dress.

For your case, it is really hard for us to accept the return. I had a discussion which can even be called an argument with our manager and finally I won you a refund of 25% of the dress value, please know that this refund has really been the most we can offer and it is the most I can strive for you because I have my work limits, hope you could give my situation a comprehension just like I understand yours. Thank you!

The refund will be issued upon your confirmation.

Hope to hear from you soon.From : Ryan Zhang2014-06-03 08:52:16Sorry to bother you.

First of all, we sincerely do apologize for the late reply because of our Dragon Boat Festival, sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kindly understanding!

Hope to hear from you soon.From : Vicki2014-06-03 09:46:33I am really sorry but that does not make any sense. If my hollow to neckline was 2 inches longer the dress from my shoulders to bust would not fit and my chest would not be in the invisible bra. My chest fits perfectly inside the bra. You can see the dress fit perfectly on the top half of my body. Also if my hollow to neckline was 2 inches longer the dress would be pulled 2 inches higher up. Making it even smaller. It fits perfectly over my shoulders to my chest.

I have had 2 previous dress which were make to the same height length measurements and didn't have this problem.

The blue dress I had made had the lower neckline therefore it should have been to short for me as well.

You have no idea how upset I am that you cannot admit you have indeed made a mistake.

Your argument is not correct. Again if my hollow to neckline was 2 inches bigger the dress would be pulled up 2 inches more by my shoulders.

Jenjenhouse whilst making the dress have simply not added the 2 inches on to the bottom of my dress.

Again I have been very happy with my last 2 dresses please do not say that My body is now the problem when the last 2 dress have been perfect.

Again I need my dress by the 9June. Please accept an error has been made and start making my dress today.

Vicki Knott

From : Vicki2014-06-03 10:29:33I am very angry. The top section of the dress is all in the correct place. Please look at the photo. it fits across the shoulders to bust. It falls at my waist correctly and the top of the skirt start were it should.

The skirt section is too short. It has nothing to do with my hollow to neckline. The top of the dress is correct.

I know you think I am wasting your time but you have made an error and I will not be happy until you make this dress again adding on the 2 inches to the skirt section by the 9 of June.

Vicki KnotttFrom : Vicki2014-06-03 10:57:10Please see enclosed photos now taken with no high heels. The dress fits me perfectly at the neckline, bust, waist and hips.

The top section is correct. The skirt section really is just 2 inches too small.From : Vicki2014-06-03 11:06:40You said in a previous email you have pictures of the dress having been made 54 inches from hollow to hem. I have just measured the dress and sent you a video. That would mean my hollow should be above my shoulders....

I have sent a video showing the whole dress being measured to the attachment email address.

I hope this is now enough evidence that jenjenhouse have not made it correctly.From : Vicki2014-06-03 11:48:15Just to be clear. The total dress is only 53 inches. So there is no way a persons hollow is 1 inch above their shoulders.

Please, please, please make me a new dress by the 9th. I love the dress. Please do not let me down.From : Ryan Zhang2014-06-04 07:45:58Thank you for your patience!

I am sorry that you are not satisfied with our solution.

As a customer care representative, I am afraid I've done my best within permission. Therefore, I have forwarded your issue to our supervisor, who will offer a better solution to your best satisfactory within 24 hours.

Thanks for your time E-mailing with me.From : Rita Zhang2014-06-05 01:08:12Thank you for your email. Here is Rita from JenJenHouse.com, supervisor of customer service. Ryan has forwarded your case to me. So now I am handling your issue. Hopefully we will work out a top solution for you.

Firstly we do apologize for any possible inconvenience caused. We understand how upset you will be when the dress does not meet your full expectation.

To be honest, as a customer service, we do have our work limits and there are surely some work rules we should obey. We will accept your return request if we could. However, according to our return policy, return is really hard for us to accept.And considering the most time and cost effective way to solve this issue, we really suggest you keep this dress.

After reviewing your case, finally we decide to make an exception and we are willing to refund 35% of the dress value to you. This will be the utmost we can strive for you till now. Hope you could kindly take this offer into reconsideration.

The refund will be issued to you upon your confirmation.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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